Fitness Program Picker

The programs listed in this section are considered to be more effective if you have already established a foundation of strength.

Check the strength standards provided here, and aim for the "intermediate" column as a decent goal before starting on these programs.

If you can't perform the above, then it might be better to focus on a strength building program such as these. However, in the end, you're more likely to stick to a program that you enjoy, so don't worry about trying these out if you really want to.

You can email suggestions, words of encouragement and coupons for free cake to I do not take credit for coming up with any of these programs. I have merely compiled useful information into a user-friendly interactive questionnaire. Please visit my website to check out my other work.

Keep in mind that, for the purposes of simplicity, this mini-app assumes that you are injury-free and do not have any diseases/afflictions that affect your ability to do any suggested activities or diets. Please consult your physician before killing yourself by mistake.

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